Working on the Website

True confessions. I have no idea who will ever read this – if anyone. This is Trudy writing on our new website. I’m not much for blogging but I really do love a good story…if I am able to tell one. So, this is raw material.

I don’t like making a website. I’m not very good at it and I’m not good at BS. I don’t like fluff and making stuff up. I’d rather be honest and raw about topics and life. And I am ‘willing’ myself to do this work.

It doesn’t seem though raw and honest is what is expected from websites or social media. I shy away most of the time from the social end because I am usually not ‘politically’ correct when I convey messages. Truly, being short and succinct instead of short and sweet is my nature.

How do you find passion in something that isn’t your passion? I guess one way is to find the benefit. The benefit in creating this website is that someone needs this to verify that we even exist. Another is that we might be able to help someone with an issue that they otherwise couldn’t find. We really do love helping. That’s how I got the passion to build the website when I have very few to no skills in this area.

I’ve finished a mediocre website which I hope gives people enough info to use. Will a decision be made to seek out coaching with us because of it? I doubt it. If anyone chooses to work with us it will be because of a referral. That’s most likely.

So, this is the first of, I hope, many blogs with good info. I hope I can stay involved in supplying info that will help people. Short…succinct.

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