Our Approach

The philosophy of W4U is simple. We want you to have the experience of healing the whole self.  Mind, body and soul.  These are all important for life.  So, when we embark in the coaching journey with you…all these areas are going to be addressed in some way.  It’s just so vital that we keep all these areas in check.

Our Story

This team started with humble beginnings.  David and Trudy met while David was working at a court sponsored group home .  He was a live in counselor at the time and Trudy was a single mother of three.

A year after they were married in 1980 these two with the help of others opened a private group home for boys. Alternative Resources for Kids, Inc. (ARK) They not only focused on helping with the trauma but with nutrition and a holistic lifestyle as well. By the early 1990 they had three homes.  Boys, girls and teenage male sexual offenders.  This non-profit helps hundreds of kids.

During this tenure, they both received their Masters in  Counseling and Psychology and opened a counseling service called Anchor Counseling.

As empty nesters they turned over the reins of the ARK  and closed the counseling agency and moved out of state.  They started another counselingagency called Wholeness for You in Carmel, Indiana.  Until 2016 Trudy and David served the people of the surrounding areas.

Presently, they serve people via phone, video chat or in a private office.  They are available as coaches and are enjoying using their skills to help others during their ‘retirement’.

Next Steps…

If you are interested in setting an appointment please call: 317-509-1544   Trudy  Or 317-509-1596. David