You CAN do this!

We are here to help.  Problems can be many and varied but we believe that you are able to overcome most any issue.

What does W4U offer?

Glad you asked that question....we have a combined 60+ years of working with people of all ages, backgrounds, and issues.


How do I make an appointment?

That's easy.  We work in an office in Broad Ripple, Indiana or by Skype, Facetime or Phone consult.

Our Philosophy is...

All of us on earth have some issue or another.  At times these 'issues' get in the way of our happiness and peace in relationships and traversing our life purpose.

When that happens we get stuck, anxious, or depressed and start using various coping mechanisms.  Over or under....eating, emoting, working, gambling....etc. tend to be our helpers.  Unfortunately, this does't work for long so we find ways that you can start living from the core of your wonderful self.


Next Steps...

If you have been referred by someone who knows us or you are ready to set an appointment please call. 317-509-1544.

If you are unsure as to who and what we do...please call...with your questions....because it is important for us to be the right fit.